Chat with your databases

Query complex data in real time through chat

Try Aristotle’s powerful NLP to SQL engine and experience a new way to access data. Look up values and run analytical queries. As simply as chatting with a friend.

  • Works for simple lookups and complex analysis
  • Supports search and filtering across millions of values
  • Manages granular users access rights to data

Use cases

Deskless workers & field services

Save time accessing inventory information when working remotely, using any mobile device.

Executives & supervisors

Monitor activity while on the move and query data on your own to get immediate answers.

Partners & customers

Enhance your self-service portal by answering more data questions through an automated chatbot.

Customer service bots

Make your customer service chatbot smarter by answering complex data questions.


  • Ready-made Aristotle app published on the Slack app store.
  • A simple API to add advanced data query intent to your chatbot.
  • Dedicated formatting of conversations for most common channels: Web, Slack, MS Teams, Skype and FB Messenger.
  • Connect to 100+ data sources and databases.

New! “Talk data to me”

Access your data directly through Siri for a truly seamless experience

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