P&G Data and Analytics Summit

Co-Founder & CEO, Adrien Schmidt, was invited to keynote P&G’s 2018 Data and Analytics Summit in Cincinnati, OH. His keynote presentation addressed the power and usage of Bouquet.ai’s AI-Chatbot Aristotle, and how. An intimate gathering of 30 P&G executives, managers and employees, Schmidt not only bring to their attention Aristotle’s transformative analytic features via natural language but also hosted a thoughtful discussion and answered questions pertaining to the new wave of big data and innovation.

“Adrien’s Keynote Presentation was a highlight of our Data and Analytics Summit! Aristotle takes data extraction to a whole new level!” says Bret Davis-Roberts, P&G’s Global Cost Engineering Leader. “We are very excited about the possibilities for management and others to talk to Aristotle and get immediate and relevant answers! We look forward to continuing our relationship with Bouquet.ai!”