Bouquet Raises $1.5 Million in Seed Funding

Silicon Valley artificial intelligence startup gets backing from Tjene Capital and Business Angels

San Francisco, CA – June 6, 2018 –

Bouquet, an AI-enterprise software provider located in Silicon Valley, announces that they have raised $1.5 Million in seed round funding from US and French business angels and Canadian consultant firm Tjene Capital. This round of funding will help evolve Bouquet’s platform and service offering to the next echelon.

With over 20+ years of consulting experience, Tjene Capital prides themselves on having worked with some of the most creative and talented companies in the world. Tjene is a management and technology consulting firm servicing cross-industry clients in the corporate real estate space. “Tjene” means “serve” in Norwegian and that is exactly what their firm aims to do with Bouquet. This investment sets Bouquet up with the backing needed to better serve their existing and future clientele with their AI-enterprise software solution.

On a mission to change the conversation about analytics, Bouquet created and powers the world’s first AI-chatbot called Aris, which is short for Aristotle. Aris turns data into meaningful conversation by delivering smart and flexible analytics through conversations on mobile devices using standard messaging tools and voice-activated interfaces.

Calvin Yoa, Managing Partner of Tjene Capital says:

“We explored companies similar to Bouquet but ultimately wanted to partner with them because of what Aris can offer the real estate market on a strategic level. We found that Aris provides an innovative and powerful way for clients to access their business intelligence data model, and we were particularly impressed by the capacity for heuristic data analysis via chat – it’s as easy as instant messaging a friend for information.

The nature of Aris’ data intelligence model enables users to query, receive, and peruse data without any need to leave the context of the conversation. Aris offers information effectively and efficiently, allowing building managers and planners to better manage their properties by perusing and sorting through thousands of data entries immediately on site, right from their pocket.

From lights out service requests and lease terms and conditions, to operating expense and lease revenue; Aris provides data fast –  foregoing the need to return to your desk to access your dashboard, download static spreadsheets, or ask a data analyst to provide the metrics.”

“We believe that in today’s world, data is the difference between success and failure,” says Adrien Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of Bouquet. “How companies manage their time and understand their data will separate good companies from great ones. Aris provides the answers you need to best do your job. By having a conversation with your data in natural language, you create something we all wish we had more of: time. The Bouquet family is honored to partner with Tjene Capital. We believe in Aris’ abilities and are excited to see where this partnership takes us.”

Co-founders Adrien Schmidt, CEO, and Marios Anapliotis, COO, are seasoned speakers who have traveled to conferences around the world, educating leading executives, investors and VC’s on Aris’ capabilities. Bouquet made its debut at Dreamforce 2017 and has since been featured at conferences such as Collision, Decentralized AI, Viva Technology and Conversational Interaction.

Request a demo to see how Aristotle is changing the conversation about analytics and can unlock you teams data to increase overall enterprise efficiency and produce lasting results.

About Bouquet

Bouquet was co-founded in 2015 by Adrien Schmidt and Marios Anapliotis and provides the world’s first enterprise software for conversational analytics, changing the way data is shared, received and understood. The AI-powered chatbot, Aristotle, is able to increase time and efficiency by turning data analytics into data visualizations, emails, text and voice through natural language. Aristotle is always “on”, providing a virtual personal assistant on the go, 24/7 and in the palm of your hands. Visit their website for more information. Follow Adrien on Twitter @a_schm, connect with him on LinkedIn and/or send him an email at


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