We are Bouquet

We believe you should do analytics in your own language.

Our Vision

We believe people are happier and more productive when they can communicate freely. Until now, you were expected to interact with an application in its own language – attending training, clicking menus, browsing folders, filling in text boxes etc. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t the application interact with you in your own language? We believe it should, and we’re applying that principle to business intelligence. We looked at how people interact with each other by text and by voice and found ways for you to do analytics in your own language. It’s a whole new experience that you’ll love it.

Our Team

We’re a mix of entrepreneurs, product managers, data experts and developers who are on a mission: to give people a fast, enjoyable way to access the right information immediately where they need it: on the road, in a meeting room, in the hallway. We’re using our proprietary state-of-the-art analytics technology proven to run on massive data systems combined with the best artificial intelligence technology available to provide a great experience in natural language. We’re a multi-cultural team headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Paris and contributors wherever they’re based.

Investors & Demo

We’re backed by a fantastic group of investors who incarnate “smart money”.They include seasoned venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, executives and very cool people. We’re working hard with them, hand in hand, to bring the Bouquet experience to users around the world. For investor inquiries: Email: investment@bouquet.ai Calendar: Schedule a Demo